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Our Services

Air transportation

Our Air Cargo Service has the capacity to handle all types of cargoes and isn't limited to size. Irrespective of where you want to ship your item to, Algexpresscourier Air Freight Services has what it takes to get it there fast.

Marine transportation

Algexpresscourier sea freight services aka "Marine" are a better option for shippers when costs are your primary concern, time is not a factor or your shipments are large and heavy.


Algexpresscourier employs professional operators to pick up consignments within 1 hour of call up time. All consignments are handled with extreme care, so as to ensure maximum safety.

Moving & storage

Algexpresscourier Moving and Storage is the ideal solution for businesses and individuals alike looking for a reliable international courier company to get their goods or parcels shipped any part of the world.

Shipping & operations

Our Clearances and deliveries are effected on the same day of flight or Sea arrivals. Furthermore, Geep Express Courier Service provides wholesome and great lots of services through it's offices allround.

Transportation logistics

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